Auto Insurance FAQ’s

Q: If I rent a car will my policy’s coverage extend to the rental vehicle?

A: Not always. You must carry comprehensive and collision coverage and the rental would have to have additional coverage as well.

Q: If my windshield breaks, will it be replaced for free by the state?

A: You must carry comprehensive coverage and it will be replaced with no deductible. It will only be replaced once in a 6-month term.

Q: If I let someone borrow my car will they be covered?

A: As long as any person has permission from the owner they will be covered. Your liability will pay out first for any damages and then if they have an insurance policy in force, theirs will pay in addition to yours.

Q: What is uninsured motorist coverage?

A: Uninsured motorist coverage will compensate for excessive medical bills due to an accident. If a party at fault injures you and you have exhausted your PIP, should they not have enough bodily injury or any insurance at all, your UM will pay.

Q. Does my auto policy pay for injuries to my pet while in my auto and involved in an accident?

A. Yes but not with all insurance providers. This is a relatively new feature from only a few top of the line insurers. Check with your agent and ask about the pet coverage availability.

Q. Are my custom equipment and non-factory accessories covered under the standard auto policy?

A. No, these items are NOT covered unless added to the policy with complete description, photos and additional premium paid.

Q. If I use my personal vehicle for business purposes, is it covered in the event of a loss or claim?

A. While you can use your personal vehicle for business purposes, it is not covered unless you notify your agent and add the business use endorsement and pay an additional premium.