Homeowner’s Insurance

The only certainty in today’s life is that it’s unpredictable. There’s nothing like the peace of mind that goes along with knowing you and your family has the proper and adequate insurance coverage in the event of a disaster.

Without warning, your home and property can be destroyed in just minutes by a natural disaster or vandalism. And while you can’t always control the many unforeseen exposures that can happen, you can be prepared.

Chances are, your “standard” homeowner’s insurance policy has been adequate to meet your basic fire and casualty insurance needs. The most common homeowners insurance policies are know as the homeowners-3 policy or HO-3. Generally speaking, a “standard” homeowner’s insurance policy provides three things:

  • Insurance coverage for damage to your home
  • Insurance coverage for damage to your personal property
  • Liability protection for injuries or damages caused to others

Common perils likely to be covered on your “standard” homeowner’s insurance policy include: fire, lightning, tornadoes, windstorms, theft, falling objects and so on. However, you need to be keenly aware of any exclusion’s as outlined in your policy.

Typically, “standard” homeowners policies do not cover casualties such as floods, earthquakes, war, nuclear accidents, structures used for business, insect or rodent infestation, cracking of the foundation from ground movement, wear and tear, vandalism to a house left vacant for more than 30 days, and the like. The most recent modification to a homeowner’s insurance package is the removal of coverage for screen enclosures over pools and backyard play areas. However, this valuable coverage can be bought back for an additional premium.

We want to make sure you really understand your homeowner’s insurance policy. Once we evaluate your current needs, you may wish to consider insurance for your home based business or a separate policy for earthquake and flood damage as well as coverage for any other exclusions not covered by your “standard” homeowners policy.

As an independent agent, we take a personal interest in your well-being. We focus on preventing undue hardships while serving quick and efficient processing of claims to get you back on your feet should a disaster strike. At Atlass Insurance that’s what we’re all about!

For a quick quote on your home insurance needs just go to “GoAtlassInsurance.com” and complete the homeowner’s insurance quote request form. An agent will follow up with you in a prompt and timely manner so you get the professional service of a licensed agent and not a clerical person or order taker so you can receive the proper counseling and guidance needed to fit your particular needs! That’s GoAtlassInsurance.com to complete the online quote request form.