Homeowners FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions
For Home Insurance

Q: I am moving my furniture from up North, will it be covered under my new policy?
A: No, this will have to be done through your moving company. We can, however, help you with your Auto, Boat, or R/V, Motor Cycle needs when you get settled.

Q: Do I get a discount for having a Security System put in my home?
A: Yes, definitely, at this time we will quote you without the system and as soon as you are connected with a security company just let us know and we will contact your carrier and they will add it to your policy for your discount.

Q: I just bought a property that I plan to rent out. It is rented now and the present occupants will remain there. How do I handle this?
A: We will insure you under a Dwelling policy rather than a primary residence. We will take all the information necessary to do this for you.

Q: I am buying a condo and the condominium will be carrying insurance. What should I have? This is my first time in a Condo.
A: First you should carefully read your Condo Documents to find out exactly what your Association covers. In most cases it covers all of the common areas. You are usually responsible for the inside of the dwelling, walls, carpets, dry wall, etc. Then you will also want insurance on the contents.

Q. I have heard about Four Point and Wind Mitigation inspections and that they offer significant home owners insurance rate discounts. How do I get these discounts applied to my new or existing home insurance policy?
A. These discounts are significant as mandated by the Florida Dept. of Insurance. Discounts vary between all the different home insurers but it is not unusual to see discounts as much as 10% and up to as much as 40%! The inspections must be done by a state approved inspector and must be on the accepted forms only. Any unapproved inspectors or unapproved forms will not be accepted.

Q. I have a pet dog of mixed breed. Does my home insurance policy cover me in the event the dog bites someone?
A. Not all home insurers offer animal liability and many actually exclude this coverage. You should direct this question to your agent each year at renewal time because many carriers are deleting this animal liability coverage. However, there are companies that will offer animal liability coverage under the homeowner’s insurance policy.