Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Considerations

Liability and Risk Protection For Your Home & Belongings

Special & Personal Belongings with High Values

Most policies limit the amount of reimbursement for theft of valuable items, such as jewelry, furs, silverware and guns. If you have some particularly valuable items in these categories, you may need to purchase additional coverage called a “personal articles floater.” These types of policies cover each item individually and are usually quite inexpensive. This information will only be beneficial if you make use of it now. By inventorying your personal possessions ahead of time, you will save yourself from frustration should disaster strike. We can help you determine whether your property is adequately protected by reviewing your collectibles and valuables with an Atlass Insurance agent.

Suitable Coverage in Liability Protection

Unfortunately, there are other risks involved in our everyday lives besides loss or damage to your property. That old tree you kept meaning to remove may come crashing down during the next storm right on your neighbor’s garage. Or that pesky skateboarding teenager down the street may pick your sidewalk to have a spill and break a bone. If you find yourself involved in a situation where you may be held liable, it is important to notify your insurance carrier promptly to begin your defense planning. You may talk to the “nice” parents of the skateboarder or with your neighbors, but leave the insurance discussion and negotiating up to the professionals. For several reasons, the first conversation you have about the incident should be with your independent insurance agent. Chances are your policy includes a stipulation that the insurance company must be notified promptly in the event of a loss or claim. Plus, in chatting about the situation you can inadvertently waive some of your rights in the case. More importantly, by inviting the insurance company claims representative managers in early in the process, the company can sometimes offer an early settlement that avoids a lawsuit. After all, the insurance company has a team of experts — claims adjusters, appraisers, lawyers, and medical experts — who have probably been down this road before and know exactly how to get mutual satisfaction for both sides without straining neighborly relations.

Mold, Mildew, Bacteria and Fungi Coverage

This is not a “new’ coverage but has certainly become a hot topic for homeowners in recent years. After a water damage loss, whether from hurricane, flood or broken water lines within your home, the aftermath of water damages translates into a serious issue with mold, mildew and fungi growth. In recent years, there have been numerous studies that clearly reflect the inherent dangers with these types of issues in a home. Not only does mold & mildew present a respiratory danger but it also can have a lingering effect. Mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi will also hide behind walls, in carpet and carpet padding, between baseboards and walls and can reappear under the right conditions unless eradicated by professional water clean up services. The costs for this mold and mildew clean up can be catastrophic in and of its self. Most homeowners insurance companies include some small benefit for clean up and remediation of the hazard but it is highly suggested that you consider coverage of up to $50,000 or more within your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Premium Reductions and Discounts

While we all need to secure adequate coverage for our most valuable possessions and home structure in itself, there are some very nice premium reductions and discounts available to significantly reduce your homeowner’s insurance expense. Some of those discounts are derived from a Wind Mitigation Inspection and/or a Four Point Inspection. These inspections must be completed by a State Certified Inspector and recorded on the proper State approved forms. Monitored alarm discounts and superior concrete construction also provide a substantial reduction in your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Other discounts include plumbing inspections, hurricane resistant windows and doors as well as discounts for living in gated communities and on premises security services. Make certain you thoroughly discuss all possible discount options with a knowledgeable agent to be assured you are getting the best premium available.

Conclusion and Good Advice

Needless to say that while we all have dealt with insurance on a regular basis in varying forms from home to auto, life, boat and so forth, your Atlass Insurance Independent Agent is well experienced and has had plenty of expertise with proper placement and guidance for your homeowners insurance needs. There is no fee for a professional consultation. The wisdom and experience of a knowledgeable agent is just a phone call or click away. Please complete the homeowners quote request form at www.GoAtlassInsurance.com or call for a free quote and assistance from the professional group of agents at Atlass Insurance Group. Call toll free at 1-800-959-3313.