Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Motorcycle Organizations or Group Motorcycle Insurance Discount

This discount is applied when the named insured is a member of an approved motorcycle group or organization. Discount is only applied once.

  • ABATE (A Brotherhood Aiming Towards Education)
  • AMA (American Motorcycle Association)
  • BMWMOA (BMW Riders Adventure Group)
  • GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association)
  • GWTA (Gold Wing Touring Association)
  • HOG Harley Owners Group)
  • MSF Instructor (Motorcycle Safety Foundation)
  • RSTAR (RSTAR Touring and Riding Association)
  • VTS (Venture Touring Society)
  • WOW (Women on Wheels)

Motorcycle Safety Course Insurance Discount

This discount is applied if the operator has taken an approved course within the last three years and provides evidence of successful completion.

Multi-Vehicle Insurance Discount

Discount applied to each vehicle; 10% for two vehicles, 25% for three vehicles, 40% for four or more vehicles.

Multi-Owner Motorcycle Insurance Surcharge

A surcharge is applied when the Joint Ownership Coverage endorsement is required and normally applies when the motorcycle is co-owned by unrelated persons. Direct family members are not subject to this surcharge.

Multi-Policy Motorcycle Insurance Discount

A Motorcycle Policy is eligible for the Multi-Policy Discount when one or more voluntary personal auto, homeowner, mobile home, boat or motor home policies are insured with the same carrier.

Preferred Operator/Responsible Driver Discount

To qualify for this discount, the operator must be 25 years of age or older, have 1 year of motorcycle riding experience and two or less minor violations and no major violations or at-fault accidents for the past 3 years. Operators with International driver’s permits do not qualify for this discount.

Prior Insurance/Transfer Discount

This discount is applied if the first named insured had a motorcycle insured for at least the past 6 months. Up to a 5 day gap between the effective date of our policy and the prior insurance expiration date will be allowed. Applies to the policy term only.

LoJack/Tracking Motorcycle Device Discount

A discount is applied to those motorcycles properly equipped a LoJack or vehicle tracking device. This discount applies to your comprehensive coverage (other than collision) when evidence of an approved anti-theft device is installed on a covered motorcycle.

Claim Free Renewal Discount

An additional discount will be applied at your renewal date for those insured’s that have experienced no claims or losses during the prior policy term of at least 12 months.

Homeowner’s Insurance Discount

Insured’s that own a home, condo or mobile home are eligible for an additional discount on their motorcycle policies. Proper evidence of home ownership is required at the inception of the policy.

Motorcycle Insurance Paid in Full Discount

Some motorcycle insurance carriers are providing a substantial discount when the insured is paying for their annual policy in full.