Cost Estimator Alternatives for Citizens

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Cost Estimator Alternatives


Effective immediately, the following reconstruction cost estimate methodologies may be used to establish Coverage A values: 

  • Replacement (reconstruction) cost valuations generated by 360Value®, MSB® or e2Value®
  • An insurance reconstruction cost valuation prepared by a licensed appraiser that is specifically formulated to establish the insurance reconstruction cost rather than market value
  • Reconstruction cost valuations prepared by licensed general contractors, architects or engineers and which include a contract price for reconstruction cost and an itemized list of the homes features
  • A property inspection report dated within the last 12 months that was ordered by another property insurance company and includes a detailed reconstruction cost valuation


Although any of the above valuations are acceptable, completion of the ePAS 360Value® cost estimator is still required to be submitted with the application for coverage. Citizens continues to require that homes be insured for 100 percent of the reconstruction cost.


Market value or real estate appraisals are not acceptable alternative methods for the purposes of establishing reconstruction cost. These valuation methods do not accurately estimate the cost of reconstruction.


Examples of unacceptable market value or loan valuation appraisals for the purposes of establishing reconstruction cost include:


  • Uniform residential appraisal reports
  • Cost-approach valuations
  • Square footage-based estimates
  • County property appraiser records