Charter Insurance – Charter Boat Insurance

Charter boats have special insurance requirements. Atlass Insurance Group is a specialist in marine insurance and can help you find the most appropriate insurance for your charter boat. Atlass Insurance Group has charter boat insurance coverage for the full-time charter business including six pack charters, bare boat charters, fishing guides, and a special program for the occasional charter.

Atlass Insurance Group can provide coverage that fits your charter boat needs. We have charter boat insurance coverage for fishing guides, charter fishing, sight seeing, day cruises or extended cruises including vessel types from Bass Boats to Mega Yachts. Our team of marine insurance specialists can be the perfect business partner for your charter boat business.

Let us help develop an insurance policy for your charter business that is tailored to the specific needs of your chartering service. Liability, uninsured boaters, captain and crew liability, and agreed amount value policies are just a few examples of points to consider. Atlass Insurance Group is committed to detail and providing appropriate and adequate coverage for your vessel and its intended use.