Rhode Island 8.0 Auto Insurance Discounts

Progressive now offers Rhode Island customers more discount options for auto insurance.

  • Good Student Discount – This new discount is for youthful drivers who are on their parents’ policy and they maintain a 3.0 gpa or who meets some scholastic ranking criteria.
  • Education Discount – A new discount with lower reates for customers based on their education levels including: vocational/trade certificates (including military training(, college degrees or those pursuing a college degree.
  • Comp and Collision Options – A new option that offers no deductible glass coverage and $2,000 Comprehensive/Collision deductible.
  • Rental – A new feature with a $50 per day rental option for customers who want more choices from their rental coverage.
  • Advance Quote Discount – No longer remove the discount at three years and this applies for as long as the customer keeps the auto policy.
  • Snapshot – A new discount is our biggest yet, up to 30 percent for good driving habits. There’s no GPS, surcharge or device fees.

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Snapshot – take control of your savings

Insurance companies use information like age, gender and ZIP code to decide if you’re a safe driver – but Progressive’s Snapshot Discount sees the bigger picture. You get big credit for your safe driving habits. Snapshot’s simple, and it can save you up to 30 percent more in 30 days.

Customers who save the most:

  • drive fewer miles;
  • drive during safer times of the day (not late at night or during rush hour); and
  • brake with care

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