Some Tips On Buying Rental-car Insurance

When it’s your turn at the car-rental counter in a busy airport, you don’t have much time to think about whether you want to buy accident, personal or property insurance. Now is the time to consider what is best for you. Here are some tips:

— Check with your auto-insurance company whether you have full coverage when renting a car.

— Remember, most car insurance has a deductible ranging from $500 to $2,000, so you may want protection for this amount.

— Be sure to check whether the comprehensive part of your policy covers such things as broken windows, theft and damaged tires for rentals.

— Some insurance policies are valid for rentals only when your auto is in the shop; others won’t cover a rental car that you’re using for several months.

— Some consumer experts advise taking rental-car insurance if you’re not sure what your own policy covers.

— If you refuse the insurance, some car-rental companies require that you leave a deposit or credit-card line of credit of as much as $3,000.

— If you’re driving the rental car on business, you should check with your company to see if it’s necessary to pay for rental-car insurance.